Ryan turned 35 Friday, and what better way to mark it than with a youthful celebration! Balloons are kind of an on-going inside joke with us so the theme seemed appropriate. The added bonus being just how easy and inexpensive it is to decorate and entertain with balloons and make-your-own pizzas.


I browsed Pinterest for some easy DIY decoration ideas and saw some clever uses for balloons with their necks cut off. Basically, if you trim the skinny bit off so you’re left with the larger, circle shaped end, you can pull them over just about anything. I squeezed them over small bowls and tumblers for little floral arrangements and popped a couple on the ends of candles for a dip-dyed look. The other balloons I simply taped onto the walls and stuffed the unused ones into glass vases.


For games we played balloon darts (just literally threw darts at balloons that I had stapled to the fence outside with “pick a prize” notes stuffed inside a few of them to make it more fun), we also did some water balloon batting practice, and had a pizza making contest. The pizzas were kind of a flop in that we really hadn’t worked out how to use the new pizza oven attachment on our grill yet, but all in all it was some good fun and a good time. Below are some high lights.

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UPDATE!¬†this party was just awarded “Best Birthday” from Birthday Express!



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