As you may have heard, I am closing the Paper Doll Factory craft shop in order to focus my efforts on creating special occasion parties and events. That does not mean that I’ve given up crafting though! In light of this change, I’ve decided it’s time to pass on some of my best crafting tips and DIY projects to you. Today’s post will go over how I create my…

3D coffee filter flower art

First, I dye my coffee filters.

This is really easy (and kind of addictive!).

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 225˚F
  2. Separate your coffee filters into groups of about 10 (any kind of coffee filter will work, noting the larger the filter, the larger the flower)
  3. Fill a bowl with water deep enough to fully immerse the coffee filters and add the food colouring of your choice. The amount of food colouring you need depends on how deep the hue you want is, I would use about 10 drops for 1 cup of water for a pale tint of colour (the water will look much darker than the coffee filter will), but you may need to play around with this to get the shade you are after.
  4. Dunk the coffee filters in their stacks of 10 into the bowl of coloured water. You don’t need to leave them in there very long – just enough to make sure they are saturated.
  5. Wring out the excess water and lay them in smaller stacks of about 5 filters onto a baking sheet.
  6. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until dry. Alternately, you could leave them out to air dry overnight.

Then I create my flowers!

TWO SHADES OF PINK made this really great video that walks you through the process of the carnation type flowers. The only notable difference in what I do is that I use a staple instead of masking tape to secure the bottom of the flowers.

For the roses, I needed a little help learning how to construct them and found a really simple tutorial that I’d recommend reading here:

Then I prepare my backing boards

  1. First I ask my husband to trim a piece of 1/2″ thick wood to the size I want. For this one I used a 5″ x 5″ slab.
  2. Afterward sand down the edges just to smooth them out a bit.
  3. At this point you can fasten a picture hanger to the back of your board, or you can choose to leave it as is and just prop the picture up on a shelf instead. I like to use the self-leveling ones like this that you can pick up at the hardware store:picture hanger
  4. Now you take a minute to choose how to arrange your flowers on the board. Once you have an idea of how many you want on there, grab your glue gun and stick them on there! I like to try to get the flattened out area where the flowers are stapled to be fairly close together on the board so that there aren’t any gaps and the staples aren’t visible. Play around with it a bit and get creative, there’s no wrong way to do this.

Peach Flowers


Blue Flowers

Mint Flowers